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The "Yard" owned and operated by the Montgomery family, is one of the finest rehab and conditioning facilities in the world. I have known this family for many years and admired how they care for their horses. Although they have a first class facility and state of the art equipment, its not the equipment that is so important but rather the desire and care the people involved are willing to give. The Montgomery's go the extra mile! This would be my first choice in Rehabilitation or conditioning.~Bernie Traurig

It is my pleasure to offer this testimony for The Yard as it is a wonderful and ethical establishment. I had the pleasure of keeping my grand prix mare at The Yard while I was out of the country. I was extremely impressed with the facility and the level of care and commitment all the staff at The Yard have towards the overall well being for the horses. No matter what the purpose is for a horse being there, every horse is treated as equal. I found The Yard to be extremely conscientious with very high standards.Sincerely Yours, Caley Morrison

The Yard is a complete horse care facility. Quality footing, state of the art treadmill and euro walker as well as a multitude of therapies are exceptional for rehabilitating athletes. Each and every individual horse gets personalized attention, feed & supplements according to their needs. The deep seated love for the horse is palpable there. I have recommended The Yard to many of my clients with great success. I have already had two of my own show horses there for detoxification and healing, both physically and emotionally. I am proud to be a team player at The Yard. Dr. Heather K. Mack, DVM

The level of care at The Yard is unparalleled. The staff oversees every detail to ensure the horses enjoy a quality experience within a peaceful place. I plan to retire there when the time comes... just like my horses.

Late spring of 2003 Chili experienced a huge muscle spasm that immobilized her and required extensive equine physical therapy to regain her mobility, (equine massage, micro-current, chiropractor and acupuncture), ultimately going back to work healthy and happy. One year later, in 2004, Chili started to display the symptoms of her hind end falling out from underneath her with the inability to get her nose closer than 2 feet from the ground. She had an odd look in her eye, hovered in the back of her stall and appeared very uncomfortable. I just knew something was very wrong. I was in Southern California at the time and upon an exam from my local vet, he immediately referred me to Barrie Grant, DVM at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital, SLREH, an expert in equine neurological conditions. “Vickie and her team have a unique ability to gage what a horse needs and how to approach each individual situation. She gave Chili a safe place to be and to grow back into herself. She gave me Chili back, happy and healthy, and for this I am eternally grateful. “ ~Marcy Holman

"The Yard's concerned care and handling of my horse, Percy, when he was injured was very reassuring. Your regular communication on his progress gave me great peace of mind. I would highly recommend your rehab services to my friends who find themselves in the same unfortunate situation. Thanks so much" ~ Sherry Kozloff